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    Another Patch...Another day downloading

    So the next patch is out and although downloading at 40meg...out of 7GB its on 1.5 GB after 9 hours, yes the numbers dont add up, its like ark or conan downloading

    But at least there is a new counter to show how fast it isnt going, Yay

    I came into this world with nothing,
    through careful management I've got most of it left.

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    And VPN surfing seems to have cured it, was on a uk server now on an Amsterdam one and motoring at a faster speed that ive ever had under a VPN...strange

    I came into this world with nothing,
    through careful management I've got most of it left.

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    23GB+ brought MSFS2020 patch brought the UK and Ireland content! 5GB additional from the the shop and it has 73 new airports and 5 full cities.

    With Japan and the USA also landing (sorry) in the last few months, MS have really delivered with this. Even if you want to arcade it and actually explore the world but not really learn to fly the sim too much, it's such a resource for explorers the full package is a bargain but the standard is a no brainer.

    I've been literally scared to try VR, in case my head explodes!

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