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    It will never catch on

    Never watched such a complete load of old b8ll8cks.

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    Next you'll tell me they've invented something that can direct me from A to B while I pilot my internal combustion engine motorised transportation vehicle. Perhaps with the convenience of a pre-recorded cassette tape, or some other ludicrous science fiction material.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill me. Err, hang on.........
    Burn them, it's against gods will and obviously fake, not an acoustic coupler in sight.

    I do remember a TV show that did an optical transmission, they gave you the plans to make a small serial circuit that detected black and white on the screen. You attached it to the corner of the screen with a suction cup and the light probe was in the middle sealed in with silicone. Then you had a small program that converted it at the machine to ascii.

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