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    Just coming back to the USB thing, it would be interesting to see how quick the system boots without any USB devices connected. I have seen several systems that have been borked by connected USB devices, not just storage ones. My own PC has failed to boot or taken a long time to boot (minutes) at least three times over the past five years or so, each time fixed by removing all USB devices, giving the machine as couple of reboot cycles within nothing connected, then reconnecting things - and like magic the speed returns and the everything work fine again. It's almost like there is a magic USB device table that persistently corrupts itself over time.........
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    In my more OCD days back in Windows XP land, after similar issues, I used to colour code my USB ports and my USB devices, so each device was only ever used in its assigned port, anecdotally seemed to help, but that might have just been me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDvEight View Post
    Hi all,

    I've got a somewhat old ssd running my windows boot on my pc and I've noticed that the time it takes to load the login screen for windows ten to be quite long, I assume this is due to the ssd? as I have quite a beefy cpu/ram setup.

    I'm not able to tell you what ssd it is as I'm not at home at the moment until the 1st of March but just wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up the load time or would it be better to buy a newly released ssd.

    Many thanks.
    A relatively quick fix is to do an in place install/upgrade of windows 10 using the windows media creation tool. I find that as microsoft rolls out windows updates particularly bigger updates they seem to slow my PC boot times and then doing one of these seems to once finished speeds up boot times.

    Of course remember to tell the installation to keep all your files and documents.


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    So I had a look in BIOS and fast boot was enabled, I disabled it and the computer would not get to the login screen once booted up so had to revert motherboard settings to default.

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