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    No worries Sulky the idea is to put up a poll of the games that we think will work. That poll will be left up for a week and we will share the results after, this should give plenty of time for people to download the games they need to. Games like war zone will easily take hour.. days and evens weeks to download.

    If anyone else has any ideas please do say, we are discussing them and there are no wrong ideas... I think. Thanks to all who have given their ideas, games like left for dead and world war Z will be played more in the day time due to there limited numbers of players that can play at one time.

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    Of course, sulks. List of titles will be up a good couple of weeks before the weekend.
    Thanks for all the suggestions, definitely some that are easy to run and would be a good laugh.

    As rogue said, if we are playing Warzone I personally will need to go back to pre-COVID times to start the download.
    Oh, and I need Amazon to deliver me a few extra hard drives in advance too.

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