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    I think the only game in my list with all the achievements ticked is into the breach

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    Just finished Subnautica: Below Zero, absolutely stellar and worth every penny of the £14 ish I spent on it in early access WAY back when. Playing the full release without ever taking a swim in EA seems to have paid off, the story is as rich as ever the lore is oozing everywhere and just generally a great world to be in (if you like worrying about your breath and the constant terror of underwater horrors, which I am very fond of )

    I rate it 8.5/10 for extremely smooth sci-fi water world fun!
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    I'm terrible for completing games, one game I do however remember completing was dying light and cannot wait for the second one to come out!
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    I bought Mass Effect Legendary Edition on a close friends recommendation.
    Having never played ME1 and only playing the intro to both 2 and 3, I'm proud to say I've completed Mass Effect one and am now neck deep in the lore and story of ME2

    Mass Effect 1 sets up a universe on the level of if not better than Star Wars / Star Trek for me personally, I sincerely hope we get an adaptation to film or series, it is such an awesome Sci-Fi but future of earth story.
    Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.

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    Should have stopped there tbh, it only goes downhill from then on.

    You could write your own ending to the series from there, act it out with lego, and have a far more rewarding experience.

    I'm not bitter, you're bitter. You're all bitter.

    Shame as ME1 is indeed amazing. Glad you enjoyed it, and hope you have a better time with 2-3 than I did - the bar for that isn't high as you might be able to tell!
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    I've got Mass Effect down and ready to soon as I've finished Hitman 3.
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