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    Social Media - it ain't great..

    So - I recently read a journal article that reviewed a load of studies and said in conclusion that if you are spending more than 2 non-work hours looking at your phone screen you are probably missing out on other "physical" opportunities (exercise, real life interactions etc).

    I then reviewed my latest phone screen time report and it showed I was spending up to 3 hours a day on social media (primarily FB and Insta), let alone other usage. I took a deeper look at my social media usage, and very little was positive interactions with friends etc, was more passively ingesting semi-professional "my life is better than yours" content, which actually wasn't helping me mentally.

    So I've decided to take the plunge and delete my accounts - no FB account for the first time since January 2006

    Currently in the honeymoon phase, but have already feeling happier, been a lot more productive, getting more household chores done, going to bed earlier, etc

    Anyone else done similar and willing to share? Just getting super interested in it all now

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    I haven't actively used any social media since early University, so 10+ years now.

    I do still have a Facebook account, but I rarely log in - last time was likely to confirm Jasmine changing our 'relationship status' to married! I've never had accounts with the other big social media platforms.

    Despite this lack of engagement I am still far too good at procrastinating, in particular avoiding housework and all the little DIY things I should be doing.
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Likewise, other than keeping in touch with close friends, I use no social media with the excpetion of links from news articles where I have genuine interest. I don't enable screen time on my phone so can't give you data but I will agree, little or zero general browsing through FB, Twitter, Insta etc. contributes to my personal wellbeing. I do however enjoy being in touch, especially in COVID times. I suppose it comes down to the choice does your life revolve around your personal interests of those of others or do you depend on social media reputation to live or thrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosphere View Post
    to confirm Jasmine changing our 'relationship status' to married!
    Nice to see the trust in your relationship is strong
    I also have a mostly-dormant FB account (unless it auto-closed) and maybe an instagram (or some other similar photo app) one as very occasionally they are required/useful for things. Twitter seems useful for publicly harassing companies who aren't answering their support requests but otherwise meh.
    On a related note I've been trying to extricate some people from whatsapp (into telegram or discord or something that isn't so linked to facebook and has better privacy policies) but people find it inexplicably difficult to imagine using something else (or more than one app) to send text messages

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosphere View Post
    Despite this lack of engagement I am still far too good at procrastinating, in particular avoiding housework and all the little DIY things I should be doing.

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    That’s the problem isn’t it. I’d rather use Signal/Telegram but then hardly any of my family and friends are on it.. WhatsApp has become so embedded around my social circle it’s that or nothing. A few friends are on Signal or Telegram but I can’t remember which ones use what so we all end up defaulting to WhatsApp

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    I managed to dump WhatsApp pretty much, but......
    With lockdown I spend my evening watching telly and on my phone, let's see how I get on this week. Facebook is all Peloton stuff for my riding, it's so upsetting that it's all so pervasive. Someone should code a scraper that only scrapes specific wanted feed from Facebook and the like.

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