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    Your review is spot on smilo, imo. Enjoyable film but nothing terribly special.

    Rattlesnake - interesting enough horror (?) / drama. Quote enjoyed it. Probably also a 7.
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    Seven Pounds - 7.5/10 (Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson)

    An old Will Smith film from 2008 and not of his usual type, i.e. he has very few lines. I did not see it when it first same out, so this was a first viewing. Nice change of pace for Will Smith and I thought the story line was good, if a little predictable from early in the film, but still worth two hours of your time imho.
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    Yes I liked 7 pounds. I thought he acted well in it.

    We watched Blood Red Sky last night.

    What starts as a plane hijacking ends with vampires. Not the best, but perhaps better than it sounds from that description! Enjoyable enough that I'd watch it if you're bored and looking for some lazy fun for a couple of hours. 5-6/10
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    Does it have to be a film?

    I watched the latest season commissioned by netflix for top boy then watched the original 2 series afterwards made by channel for. The one made my netflix was much more enjoyable but didn't carry it on from how channel 4's ended.
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    Layer Cake 6/10

    There's a little too much taste of Guy Richie in this one to rate it higher. Too many Crazy Cockney Psyco's and Sociopathic Crime Bosses mark it down at bit. But it still manages to stay far enough away from Mr. Richie ridiculous versions of Gangland Britain to be worth a view. Daniel Craig (pre Bond) is very good and more than compensates for the use of a few too many generic nutty gangsters.

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    300 Rise of a Nation. 3/10 (8/10)

    300 was a glorious film only for it's beautiful colour palette, visual scope and fantastic fight sequences. Everything else about the film was pretty dreadful.
    The sequel is about as daft and the story about as confused but the visuals are right up there with the original. Eva Green as the main baddie Artemisia chews up the scenery and steals the film from a very weak Sullivan Stapleton who's character isn't a patch on Gerard Butler's Leonidas from the first movie.

    As a film it's very underwhelming, as a series of visual set pieces it's a delight. Hence the two scores, it depends what you're looking for.

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