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    Epic - 10/06/21 - Control

    This weeks freebie on Epic store is - Control

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    Hell of a game. Amazed that it's a freebie.

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    Ty Rizzy, looking forward to this one!
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition is free on humble for the next 72 hours - Link

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    another freebie to add to the list - Titan Souls - no idea how long it's free for.

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    Thanks Riz. The other free to play or freebie on Epic, Genshin Impact, I thought why not give it a try, it also has a reward code to use after lvl10. It's pretty much like a Zelda like open world RPG. I've given it 2 hours and really quite enjoying it. Not sure if there is a pay element in there but so far it's not asked me for anything.

    Sith recommended a few games over the years similar to this.

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    I've been playing Genshin for a while now, I like it, while the content will eventually dry up a bit for you they bring out updates pretty regularly with new stuff to do, just keep your credit cards securely in your pocket to not fall foul to the gacha system.

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    gacha system? Edit: I got it, don't open boxes that use the premium currency. Not really needed so far as I can see and I don't play this on a phone, as it looks amazing on PC.

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    GenshinGalaxy GenshinEpic GS6ACJ775KNV & GENSHINGIFT are a few more codes for you that I think are still working. - I assume it works the same through epic.

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