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Thread: South Africa

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    South Africa

    Hey everyone!

    In case any of you had a fleeting thought that "Oh Sith is from SA, I wonder if he's wondering about what is going on there."

    My hometown and regular spots for the weekend have been utterly destroyed

    Luckily most of my family have moved away but the ones in Johannesburg are ok and away from trouble for now..

    Pretty mental, just thought I'd share since its pretty surreal looking at footage emerging from there and recognising the places.
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    Glad to hear the family are all well mate thats the main thing.

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    Wait, who are you?

    I had wondered, it's madness over there right now. Must be strange indeed to watch it from afar. I know Jas always gets a bit nervous whenever fires are going through Victoria. It's tricky having family so far away, glad to hear they're safe.
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    Just to echo the other Sith, Glad the family are managing to stay safe.

    I spoke to an ex colleague earlier in the week who is also from SA. Luckily his family are also away from the issues.

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    Yeah its crazy, and even more depressing is how little it is featuring in international news. Some of my family and friends are down near Cape Town, and so far doesn't seem to be any trouble flaring up there - fortunately my Joburg mates left for other countries a long time ago!

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    Glad you're family are safe Sithy. That's the main thing. All frickin' madness though isn't it?
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