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    only reason i wanted to go Fae and Covenant was this guy i've been following for some time now and it creates a chance there will still be 30+ people to play with after a month or so...

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    well i'm hooked, not played an rpg game since elder scrolls online on the ps4 and thoroughly addicted to this one!
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    Rats. I may have goofed up just a bit

    Went and got my Syndicate/Covenant mixed up and joined the wrong faction on Carcosa. No problem it only took a few hours to get to level 10. I'll just quickly delete the character and start him gain, no problem. So that's what I did.
    Except apparently Carcosa/Corcosa whatever is also now a full server and you won't be able to join that one, as I just found out. Last night it had no queues and was a low population server. This morning it's locked. So fair warning to anyone who is thinking about following the dMw'ers who have jumped over temporarily from Fae, you can't. So it's off to Cygnus for me and some single player fun.

    Also you obviously can't join Fae either. So if you're picking up NW for the first time good luck playing solo. If you want to play with the dMwr....... you're Stuffed. Eventually we all might end up back on the same World but then again who knows. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I might have checked the server status before I deleted my character but I still think this launch is up there with the worst of them. It's no Fallout 76 but it's not far behind.

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    Can someone confirm that this game doesn't run out of unique quests part way through due to lack of content and then just expects me to re do daily faction and territory quests over and over ad nauseam. I seem to be visiting the same places and doing endless "kill/collect ten of these things and now kill/collect ten more". Mindlessly grinding crafting is one thing but dear god not XP too?

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    Certainly at level 35 I am still hopelessly wrapped up in story and quest elements. There seems to be a few hours of main line story in between main levelling up. By that I mean like every 5 or so levels you can join the main quest for a bit and then gradually use it to level and move around the world.

    Each settlement has maybe 10-15 characters you meet and complete quests for to fill time in between main quests. Then you have to do the Faction and grindy stuff.

    The variety of quests is probably what you already see happening, although the level of intesity rises as you move to more hardcore areas, also you might need to work with others to get past certain points, unless you just stay ages in the easy areas.

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    The other thing to open up is the PVP elements and the runs on other factions and their strongholds. The crafting differ is very strong imho and they have really worked hard to interlink everything. The game is not without its problems but is really quite good.
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