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    Battlestation thread!

    I enjoy a good old desk/case gallery (OCUK) or Battlestation ( thread and thought I should start one here, so here goes.

    Post your gaming setup! I'll go first.


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    This is my setup in Saudi, the box in the far right corner is a voltage regulator as the voltage dips when the air con turns on



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    Great idea, and very clean set up uni. Love it. What are the ambient lights? Are they software controlled from the desktop?

    Looks good too sulks. Especially the console-sized PC, I do like the idea of those for more portable battle stations.

    I'll post up mine in the week!
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    Ditto Chaos' questions on the light setup Uni! That setup looks lush man well done!
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    Is that a pre-built desk @sulky? Looks quite large if it is. I gave up looking and went with a worktop and some steel legs I got separately in the end as I couldn't find anything big/deep enough. What's it like getting pc parts out in Saudi, do Amazon operate out there?

    Regarding the lights, they are Philips Hue playbars. You can get them as a twin or triple pack(I have the triple). Lights are controlled with the phone app or with the Windows app. That current light theme is just a pre-set one called 'Disturbia', for some reason. You can manually control each light using a colour wheel or use some of their pre-sets.
    With the Windows app you can actually get it to observe your monitor and change colours based on that. I played some Doom Eternal and Destiny with it enabled and it would change based on the scene. Can be quite cool but also a little distracting if the changes happen frequently. Actually one of the cool things it does is also listen to the audio as well and reacts to that.

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    the desk was in the villa when i moved in, its an ikea special provided by the company. I removed the drawers so i could get the chair under it.
    Dont know much about pc parts out here as havent had the need so far. i bought the system in the pic in the uk, its smaller that latest gen consoles with a 9900k and 2080ti air cooled. Also the 3070 laptop i just bought was also from the uk. so unless both break (touch wood) i wont have the need to find out. They have amazon but the selection is limited for pc parts

    I came into this world with nothing,
    through careful management I've got most of it left.

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    Here's mine

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    Very nice sneaky that's some major screenage

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    I can't get the one in normal light to upload the right way round, so this'll have to do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneakytiger View Post
    Here's mine

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    Sneaks you need to tidy your room mate!

    Agree with Tobes though, nice looking panels.
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