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    Quote Originally Posted by RizZy View Post
    2 free on Epic this week -

    City of Brass

    Total War: Warhammer
    Thanks Rizzy, going to give warhammer a go!
    "Mira Mira on the wall who's the fairest of them all?" - Dickdastardly "it'll sting a lot" - Lesion

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDvEight View Post
    Thanks Rizzy, going to give warhammer a go!
    If you check in the add-ons section of the game on epic there are a few that are available for free, & also if you sign up at - here you can also add the "Regiments of Renown" for free too.

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    The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier

    The Walking Fish returns, this time in space, in an all-new fish comedy horror experience. Stuck on a space station, you have to solve the mystery of the Walking Fish, and escape its terror.

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    Xcom 2 & Insurmountable are this weeks freebies from Epic.

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    Amnesia: Rebirth & Riverbond are the freebies courtesy of Epic this week.

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    Just Die Already


    These are the free games for the week from Epic, so there.

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    Just the one this week from Epic - Terraforming Mars

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    It's another week, it's another deal, & a pretty big one - Borderlands 3 - Free on the epic store.

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