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    I'm in for tonight still. Will be on as soon as F1 finishes. Got my trophy's and weapon coatings all ready.

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    It was great fun yesterday despite being halted by the caretaker and her minnions.

    Lessons I learned:

    - Kill it with fire, 2 fire DPS would be better to have along than other ranged. Also fire works well close in and can benefit from the tank healing posiiton.
    - As healer, I have to drop my fire/intel secondary despite it doing very good damage, and get my health up to... well 12K+
    - Bring wards, lots of them. Not sure they are doing anything but they are meant to. We did consume 20-30 of these but not until after the first few failures.
    - Close in and stay in her circle could be the best choice. If (big one) we can survive the massive wave of ads after she dies (which she didn't quite for us, but was like one hit way).
    - Don't die as healer.
    - That was only the first boss! Eeeek.

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    Watched a video OldBloke linked and made some big observations to the mechanics that for our group certainly would of helped:

    1. The walls are triggered by specific HP left, so just before half HP and crucially around 1/4 HP the second wall. For our group we did too much DPS on the boss so when the first wall went down, we had about 5-10 seconds tops before second wall.
    2. All the middle group have to do is stay alive and break that stamina bar. (we did to much DPS during this phase on the boss and not enough on the outside adds)
    3. Outside group can be bigger then and kill the adds before the wall goes down.
    4. Heavy attacks rinse the stamina of the boss quicker than light.
    5. When the wall goes down, DO NOT attack boss, focus adds, then back to boss when ready for another Wall

    Based on the above I would suggest we go for Tank + Healer in the middle to stay alive and break the stamina bar.
    Outside we have 3 with a mix of DPS and Tanking to carefully clear the outside.
    Those in the middle need to not stop hitting the boss if he is getting to close to Quater HP

    After this boss they found the rest of the dungeon easier so I think we are close!!!

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    SO was solo tank in the middle the way to go in the end?

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    Yeah, Sulky for us as offtank with great axe. Key was use heavy great axe attacks to kill stamina bar then run in circles. Blocking damage just isn't enough, you have to avoid it. A theme for both bosses really. Tanks have to avoid hits, to many attacks are not blockable.

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    Great fun in Genesis last night and congrats to the two groups who went through it successfully. Thank you to our dark overlords for organising the trips and can we book our slots on the Lazarus trip yet?
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    It was good fun. I think the plan is to do expeditions on Sunday’s

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    Wow, congrats lads, great job getting this done. I wish I could have been there but clearly I helped by not being there because you made it lol!!

    Who was in each of the 2 teams who succeeded and what were their roles?

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    Arm - Tank
    Pyro - paly/tank
    Turd - bow/spear DPS
    Gunda - Fire/void DPS
    Myopic - Healer

    then second run, Pyro and Myopic stood down and Twist as tank and our TL as healer stepped in.

    both groups breezed through to the final boss where we took about 4 or 5 tries to take her down, more a survive until she dies fight learning her mechanics than anything else.

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