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    Question about the cheaters

    Hello! I am looking to get back to playing CS:GO after three years of retirement. I heard that the game is flooded with cheaters and that you can rarely get a match without a single cheater in it, even if the cheater is very subtle. I would love to play an online FPS, but all the new releases like COD: Vanguard or BF2042 are just... disappointing to say the least. Are the rumors about the cheaters in CS:GO true?

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    Are they true? I don't know but I would assume so, since cheaters cheat on almost all online multiplayer games.
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    I don't think it's true that every game has a cheater, people just use it as an excuse as to why they lost. It does have a cheating issue for sure, but just about every single FPS game has a cheating problem to some extent that seems to have exploded during the last ~2 years. Don't let the rumours put you off, the game is still fantastic.

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    Thanks, guys! I guess I'll just go ahead and try.

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