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    Bora Induction with downward extraction - I was advised with my layout not to go with downward extraction if the pipe needs to make more than one 90 Deg bend to get to the outside vent. The more bends the less effective the extraction. Not to mention the clean up when the fish stock boils over and runs down the hole
    Unfortunately we cannot have an external vent for the cooker, so getting it to a wall and bends etc. are not an issue. It has to be recirculation due to building restrictions and environmenal rules here in NL. But it is a goood point.

    The boiling over thing should be ok with this one because every part of it is removable and dishwasher safe. Then of course we need to buy carbon filters and replace them every 600 hours of use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Twig View Post
    My first recommendation would be to get a free home design CAD program like SweetHome 3D and play with layouts etc yourself, don't worry about the colours and feel / fit / finish just fundamentally work out what you want where.

    Also think about how you and your other co-habitants use a kitchen, my wife and I often are in there together doing prep / cook etc alongside each other. So weirdly for us when we had a "long thin kitchen" it actually worked better for us to have it all in a line on one wall rather than do it as the "golden triangle" of sink, fridge and hobs/oven.

    I have always fitted my own kitchens as I am very particular / fussy / OCD about it all and don't trust most company fitters not to just bodge the job then hide it and for what fitters charge these days, it is generally cheaper to take a few days off work and do it myself.

    Don't worry about future proofing your colour scheme too much, most DIY places sell "One Coat cupboard paint" these days, so you can refresh your kitchen in an afternoon a few years down the line. It is more important to have decent solid carcasses - as worst case doors can always be replaced in future.

    I'll try and dig out the pictures of the last kitchen I did, where I basically followed the above process then went to and ordered to my design, ended up with the whole lot including my wife's "dream" range cooker done and dusted for £6k
    Love the real life experience thing there, thanks. We are the same, have enough funtional space to work without getting in eachothers way. I'm no tradesman, so I'll pay for it to be done.

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    No worries, I think very few people are as picky as me! Hope it all goes well, as promised, couple of pics of my last one (more for me to show off rather than anything else )

    Missing from those pictures is our mobile kitchen island, a bit butchers block on wheels, which we used as extra worktop wherever we needed or just had it in the middle for friends to drink at while we cooked

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