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Thread: 3.17 PU is Live

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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill me. Err, hang on.........

    3.17 PU is Live

    3.17 is live and it adds some of the following to the mix

    • Refuelling - Anyone out there with a Starfarer, now's the time to see what they can do
    • Better AI - (They do seem a little more active than before on ship and ground combat), also desync is getting better.
    • Selling - Okay trade has always been a thing but it's mainly spreadsheet stuff, but now you can loot a dead body, guns or boxes and sell the stuff back to the shops.
    • Looting - Lots more boxes to loot with rare items.
    • Mining gadgets - New reusable devices that allow you to crack open rocks easier, there is a 50:50 change the device may be destroyed in the process.
    • New water stuff - Seas have been in for a long time and were pretty deadly, but now with the introduction of a river on MT they have overhauled it.

    I've also noticed they have sneaked working airlocks back into the game.

    So for those wondering.... this is what is currently in game.

    • Bounties - Ship and ground, ground is usually in an outpost or cave system, ship is in or out of atmosphere.
    • Trading - Buying and moving stuff for shiny profit or not.
    • Deliveries - Pick up box from point A and deliver to point B, get paid.
    • Recovery - Same as above but point A may be in a wreck site and possibly have baddies.
    • Investigation - Client sends you to check something out, maybe search for bodies or black boxes (may include gunfire, but this would be alluded to in the text)
    • Mining - Probably the most complex game loop in at the moment with gems, small/medium/large rocks and asteroids.
    • Mercenary - Lots of shooty stuff, defending a site, destroying a drugs lab, clearing an enemy hideout, blowing up hacking satellites, neutralizing space guns and more.
    • Medical - You can heal and revive people, in your team or sometimes someone (real player) might activate a medical alert beacon for a rescue.
    • Baddy stuff - Criminal activities.
    • Stuff I missed - Because BRAIN.

    New ship in 3.17 is the Hull-A, a transforming small freighter. 3.17.1 is in Evo at the moment and will introduce the Scorpius, an X-winged 2 man fighter with co-pilot turret.

    And last but not least, it is so damn pretty.


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    Shall we chance a group embarassment session this evening?

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    I'd be up for gathering at some point. Sorry I missed last night mind you.
    "Forewarned is forearmed"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galatoni View Post
    I'd be up for gathering at some point. Sorry I missed last night mind you.

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