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    We pack so much into those LANS

    Only this time come monday it just really felt like it was all over TOO soon, quiet depressing is everyday reality <_<

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    Yeah i miss it alot too. Bring on the nxt one&#33;


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    i agree and everyone left so early on sunday, i think its a sign of us getting even older.

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    We had to get to the planes. It was a bit short tho, it looks like I was travelling more then being at the LAN (bar not included ).
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    I left around 3pm on sunday..... which was when most had gone, perhaps we need to start going home on the monday

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    lol GFK was hardly at his PC i was talking to ninja all the time at my comp poor him&#33; Yeah shame i ahd to leave after the match though mayb i will stay longer next time


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    Maybe we could look at that for the next LAN. I always take the Monday off work to get over the weekend.

    Obviously it would cost more for hotel rooms on the Sundayand we might even have to pay extra for the function room?
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    we could still pack up the games room albeit at about 6pm on the sunday, so all in all we get a few more hours, then just hang out drink and chill the rest of the evening then saunter off home on the monday at any time we see fit....

    so for the cost of one extra night on our hotel bill we get as good as a full day sunday, that winds down to help us recover then drive home fresh as daisies on the monday

    Dosnt really matter how many of us are doing that, although I&#39;d not feel like I&#39;d missed the time for some socialising with those that do stay.

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    It is a good idea ;)

    We can always come up with new idea&#39;s and see if they are alright or not

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    I think the current format will stay for the time being as it&#39;s tried and tested (some people having &#39;tested&#39; it far more seriously than others ;) ).

    Remember that the kit needed to run the LAN travels home with the respective owners which makes later finishes dependant on their agenda.

    Personally, I like the current free format. If you wanna game - then game. If you wanna get slaughtered - stick with TL

    I know we took some stick from Silly (when he slated the lack of organisation of the particular LAN he attended) but, apart from the single team-based compo, people are basically free to do their own thing.

    What do others think?

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