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    hi guy's

    a mate of mine is thining ab out playing CS, but only has a dail up connection. anyone got any experience of this? - i'm worried the lag will be so bad he will be wasting his time...

    thanks in anticipiation

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    Ask Sheepy. I think he's still on 56K.
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    ISDN or 56k ?

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    We all played on dial up for years before braodband and it worked for us. So I say give it a bash
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    Maus still has 56K I believe and plays damn well.

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    Originally posted by OldBloke@Jul 2 2004, 06:47 PM
    Maus still has 56K I believe and plays damn well.
    Why thank you, though I must also note that I either play well or am utterly pants - consistency has never been my strong point

    I have a cruddy internal 56k modem and I connect via AOL - if I can manage with that setup, your friend should have no problems.

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    i played on 56k for years till bb came my way last november and it was resonably good so go for it.... The servers will be swamped by my brothers m8's ;)

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    thanks for that, i'll suggest he gives it a blast

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    You might want to Download Steam + CS cache for him save him dling it all..

    Just a thought

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