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    It interesting seeing everyone's reply and how some find things good and bad -

    The good points:[/i][/u]

    We liked the hotel - not the most aesthetic I grant you but hard to beat from a practical point of view.

    The room itself was fine for gaming (except for bloody DA messin' with the air con constantly )

    The food was not half bad - ok not the most varied of menues but for £13.50 ?. We've eaten a lot worse for a lot more money. The breakfast was excellent and the £2 for room service aka breakfast in best was the best £2 I spent that w/e
    The swimming pool and jacuzzi and steam room were a nice distraction and great for de-toxing.
    The bar was not overly expensive - about the same as pub prices I guess.

    It was also good of them to leave the bar open until 4am.

    Excellently organised
    lots of friendly willing people to help the noobs (i.e. me)
    the games - especially fun to try out games which I would never have thought I'd like - such a Star Wars. That's on the Xmas list.

    The people

    The bad points:[/I][/U]

    I can see how some got blindsided by Stars Wars making such a strong appearance and how other 'official' games got sidelined as a result. Wouldn't have been too much fun if you didn't fancy it.

    I'm sorry that Sheepy could only sell his wine by the 12 bottle case-load. I really fancied some of that white Rioja but couldn't do the full 12-bottles.

    I enjoyed the CS tourney. Perhaps we should have started earlier ergo finished earlier as some had to dash off on Sun morning.

    All in all I'd give it the thumbs up

    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    My Thoughts:

    Venue - Much better.. Have you guys forgotten the power failures at the Griff everytime someone would plug in?

    Food - Not bad.. Would prefer to have one meal outside of the hotel.

    LAN Itself - Brilliant! Ability to get outside was essential for some (including me) that need the latest steam update - Easy as punch to get setup and rock and roll.

    Gaming - I agree that more organisation on this is required. I like Benny's comments on CS (server limit, run more servers). On the supported games list, what I think we should have is Servers running the Supported Games. Makes it far easier to play. Also, Perhaps we should have set times when compettitions on the supported games are running. Like a BF VN compettition where winners buy the losers a beer or summit.

    Liked the Forum - Let's use it for signup for tournies / compettitions next time.

    Leeching - I didn't experience any problems with this. But I always have a second PC. Didnt' slow my gaming down a bit.

    Liked the table teams but agree on the Black Screen idea of Benny's. Also Burn Frenzy Burn

    See you at the next one.


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    It occurs to me that the game Admins (those who finalise the game selection and get them running on test servers before the LAN) suffered badly when the Forum went down right at our busiest time . The forum was our main form of communications. I think this had an adverse effect on our readiness for the LAN with regard to getting the games selection sorted.

    Add to that the fact that there aren't any decent new multiplayers out at the moment. Therefore we felt it best to be safe rather than sorry with the game selection. So we ran two older games, we knew were liked from the last LAN, rather that pick two new games like Joint Ops or Battlefront, which hadn't established themselves as quality multiplayer games.

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