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Thread: Headsets

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    Thanks ever so much guys, family have brought me that gsp 500 that you have mentioned. I have got on wel with the brand and it’s lasted me 3 years so far. Thanks

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    I love this thread, with all the WFH I've been living in my cheapo headset for 9 weeks, and I now am really struggling with my hearing - to the extent I'm having to lipread when my 2 year old speaks. Wife noticed that it is much worse after I've been on calls all day, so put money down on a set of gsp 600s, hopefully that helps.

    111 keep telling me to see a GP, GP won't see me due to corona risk from fixing ears or some such...

    EDIT: Ha, just looked back, 15 years ago I was the 8th poster, and decent headphones were only £50

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    Well, my GSP 600s arrived and I love 'em - can keep the volume down to whisper quiet, and no pressure on my actual ears which was potentially part of the problem.

    The "mute when you push the mic up" is great, and they are big enough that I don;t forget about them and therefore remember to take them off in between calls etc. Wish they had a USB or wireless connection option, other that that, lovely.

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    Did someone say.... headphones?


    And yes, you do need to get your hearing seen too Twig... if you've had a fairly drastic hearing loss over a short period of time, your GP should really be able to point you in the right direction.. failing that, you could call your local Spec-savers (they do audiometry too). Hard with everything having changed since the 'rona, but don't neglect your health.
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    Cheers mate, certainly not neglecting it, just having a hard time finding a healthcare professional that will actually see me... Had a phone consult and been given a list of stuff to buy and try which I'm working my way through, and told to check back in a couple of weeks to see if they are now "allowed" to see me, or if the GP practice can find someone who works there who is prepared to flout the "rules"...

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    been thinking about getting a better headset and wondering if there's something decent that doesn't break the bank too much. I am currently using and old pair of turtle beach z22's which do pretty well but the fake leather stuff is shedding quite badly and they are a bit "clampy" after a while...

    My thoughts on the GSP 600 being recommended of late: more than I'd like to spend (always is I guess! <£100 would be nice if possible though I can stretch if I am persuaded) and the design is a little bulkier than I'd like and I could do without the red accents (I am difficult ). I definitely need closed-back for minimal leakage and good isolation. Comfortable (several hours usage) and adjustable to a large head (i.e. not ear clamps ;)). Preferably has wireless option (and if that option is bluetooth then ideally version 5+) and comes with a decent mic (not too quiet or too muffled). Preferably a reasonably discrete (simple, not covered in bright logos) design.

    was recently recommended to look at the Audio Technica M50 - though I think I'd need a separate mic - which got me thinking that maybe a separate mic could make sense...

    Any thoughts gratefully absorbed

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    I'll write something up soon, I am a bit snowed under with work atm.

    What I will say though, is that is a list of 'wants' for a sub-£100 headset... it may be a case of 'something's gotta give'
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Your work is slightly more important than advising on headphones!

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    If you want good headphones which are cheap, but sound very good for the price, take a look at the Superlux HD668B. Used these for years and they are simply good.
    Make sure you change the pads to velour, and you are set until you want to spend 200+ on a set of Beyerdynamics. Currently using beyer DT880 and they are good, found the sounds to be more refined. The next ones will probably be a set of DT990 600 ohms.
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