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    Two things ...

    1. MAD_ness

    Chill dude. Ender's post was on-topic and didn't warrant a rant - even one with four 'pleases' in it. ;)

    2. TG_ENDER_

    Chill a *lot* more dude. Swearing at and insulting fellow members is not tolerated here.

    Flame over. Peace prevails. Order restored. Game-on 8)

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    Firstly this was not aimed at TG Ender personally .... ....its just the fact that I was trawling through so many old resurrected posts that I felt the need to post somewhere ....

    just unfortunate that it was in this thread yes I agree it was completely on topic OB ;)

    so no offence was meant Ender

    "hand of apology extended"

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