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    good news.

    a lovely gal called maria has been dealing with my ebuyer enote. She has discovered that citylink only received 1 parcel to send to me and has put out another hdd for me on priority delivery service.

    She was even nice enougth to change the address a good 10 hours after this order was setup.

    I should have my shiny new sata drive tomorrow.


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    Never had a problem with em. By the sounds of things, don't want, I would probably speak for all so far saying 8/10 for cheap kit, 4/10 for cheap customer service.
    Cheers, Bert

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    well my hdd came this morning. Just in time as well. My misses was just about to leave for work when it arrived.

    Amusingly, this morning I drove past a citylink van pulling a Van out of a ditch. I bet thats where my hdd was, in the ditch.

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    My PC is finally working as well but it took them a LONG time to sort out (nearly 6 weeks). The new motherboard was causing a fault on the new CPU and so when the CPU was replaced the replacement was made faulty by the Motherboard as well

    I now have a new Motherboard and CPU but what a load of hassle I've had getting it sorted

    As Albert says, cheap prices and cheap service to go with it (although 4/10 might be a bit generous)!!!

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    I have never had any problems with returns frmo ebuyer. I bought my last rig from ebuyer and the motehrborad shorted, neither the power supply or mb were working so I sent them back and they replaced them withing a few days.

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    I've had problems with returns to Ebuyer - it caused me so much grief that I ain't buying anything from them again.

    I also found Overclockers really reluctant about taking something back. I ordered a monitor and it had a few dead pixels. They said that 3 dead pixels was not enough to warrant a fault so I then said I wanted to return it under DSR. *That* conversation took several emails back and forth before they acknowledged my rights and issued an RMA number.

    Now I go to Scan Computers. I know it's probably not the cheapest option but if I want something and they stock it's to them I go. From my experience with them, their customer service is 2nd to none.

    Each to their own and I'm sure for every bad Ebuyer experience there's a dozen which are fine. Just damned irritating when something's not right, it's not your fault and it's a hassle getting it sorted
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    I don't buy from ebuyer anymore i remember having a issue with a faulty product and they refused to refund, needless to say i got legal on their ass to force the refund.

    I find Amazon the best service on-line and their prices are very competitive.

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    Just had a check on the site. Isn't the number under the contact us...

    We are open: Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturday 9am - 5pm.
    By telephone:
    General enquiries: 0871 521 33 00 line are open Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturday 9am - 5pm.
    Product advice and Telephone order: 0872 111 22 22 line are open Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays).
    Please remember to use the international dialling code (+44) when calling from outside the UK

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    Or if you think it sux that they make money on your phone calls

    01430 433605
    01430 433673
    0845 121 0523
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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