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    As promised, the LAN VII Photo Gallery is online now!

    I've started the ball rolling with 45 photos I took (captions soon).

    To upload your photos, you need to create an account on the system - this is pretty simple to do. You can if you like upload pictures using the web interface it offers. You may also be able to use the XP "Publish to Web" function for multiple pictures, which is far, far faster.

    If you want to test this out (i haven't tried it as a non-administrator account), download the registry file (right click and do save as), then run the file by double clicking on it, or selecting RUN when the download finishes. Then select some photos, and choose Publish to Web:

    Choose the Deadmen Walking option, and login using your username/password for the account you created. In theory, if this works, it will allow you to upload all your pictures in one go, AND resize them to something useful (like 800x600) for you on the way to the site.

    Let me know how it goes?

    Cheers all!


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    This Fatal right?

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    He's like that when you watch him mousing as well. His arm is a blur...

    And he has no head. Apart from that he's a normal guy.

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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill me. Err, hang on.........
    He's using a "Real-Life" speed hack!

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    Bloody hell camouflage T-shirts really do work, you can't even see him.

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    I had a go at uploading a few pics ... not sure if it worked though...

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    It didn't. I'm working on it with suicidal by PM to figure out what happened...

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    Excellent :-)

    C'mon you guys... I saw more of you there with cameras. *prods OB*

    Also, TL, you have at least one screen shot which I think needs to be uploaded

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    I also made a short video clip which you can get here. I compressed it quite a bit with divx5.something because the cameras compression codec isn't terribly efficient (was over 5Mb, now under 1, with similar picture but slightly tinnier audio )

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